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How to review your video with

This short guide explains how to use your frame io review link to add comments, mark up or approve your video.


Collaboration between client and film makers has never been easier, and this short guide will show you how to get the most out of using the Frame IO review platform. When the editor or animator has completed a first draft or rough cut of your project, they will upload to frame IO (or frame ee-oh, as we call it in this office). This makes a link we can share with you by email. This can be set just as a presentation or as a review to allow feedback to be added. It could be a link to a single video or even a folder containing a group of videos or stills. Open the link on your computer or phone. Sign in if you need to, and hit play to start watching. When you want to add a comment, hit pause and type in the comment box below. It will attach the comment at that time on the timeline. You can also mark up the frame with the pencil. Hit save and the comment is automatically shared. We even get email notifications to let us know when coming to add it so we never miss a thing. The editor can see which part of the video your comment refers to and the action required. When leaving comments try to leave clear and decisive instructions. If you're not sure about something, you can make a note here and ask for a meeting or a call to discuss options. Keep watching and adding comments until you have submitted all of your feedback. The link will also work with colleagues you want to include in the approval process, so they can also add their own comments in the same way. The editor can now see all the comments in one place and when these have all been actioned, they'll let you know when you have a new version to approve.



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