Your Video Production Partner 


Let’s create great films and amazing animation.

Let’s make social media MAGIC!

Make ‘em laugh, make something memorable, make something special.

Explain. Complain. Teach. And reach new customers.

Share your passion, your vision, your dream.

Create it. Script it. Shoot it. Cut it.

Then do it again.

Be seen.

Be proud of what you do.

And where you come from . . .

We are JayJay Media, your video production partner.




  • Scripting and storyboarding

  • Marketing video

  • Product videos

  • Recruitment videos

  • Brand videos and brand films

  • Broadcast quality 4K cameras

  • In house aerial drone filming

  • Global shoot planning

  • Talent booking

  • TV commercial clearance

  • Transparent budgeting

  • Web-ready files for social media and websites 

  • Broadcast masters for TV

  • UK broadcast crews for interviews, sport ENG, TV, film

  • Netflix approved Sony 4K cameras

  • UK broadcast camera operators, lighting cameraman, DOP

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  • 2D and 3D animation

  • CGI video

  • Infographic and explainer videos

  • Training videos

  • How to videos

  • Cartoon presenters

  • Animated infographics and presentations

  • Custom made animated explainer videos

  • Fixed price animations

  • Large choice of voice overs

  • Custom animated characters

  • Script writing and storyboards

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  • Two in-house Livestream studios

  • Six cameras for multi-cam productions

  • Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Teams, Zoom, Vimeo or any other streaming platform

  • Play in pre-recorded videos

  • Remote presenters

  • Conference and event livestreaming

  • Awards ceremony livestreaming

  • Presentations

  • Remote or Hybrid Meeting livestream

  • Town halls

  • Livestream sports events

  • Music livestream

  • Graduation ceremony livestream

  • Live events


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