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Welcome aboard The HulliCopter!

Here at JayJay Media we’re proud to announce the launch of our aerial drone filming and photography service - HulliCopter!

As we celebrated our 10th year in business, we were finding more and more of our clients requesting aerial footage for their productions - from corporate clients needing a simple aerial shot of their premises to complex golf course fly throughs for Sky Sports. So early in 2018 we invested in a drone for aerial filming and all the training necessary to legally be able to fly commercially.

Choosing and flying a drone isn’t a complex process. As a hobbiest it’s great fun to get outside and fly; seeing places from new and unique viewpoints. As long as you follow the CAA Drone Code and a healthy degree of common sense it’s pretty safe. But flying a drone commercially is very different…

Commercial drone use in the UK is controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who regulate their use through the issuing of Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) to people and organisations who wish to fly commercially.

Our training was carried out by the fine folk at Coptrz - the depth of the course was incredible - it’s not just about flying a drone but covers subjects such as navigation with air charts, meteorology, airmanship and aviation safety. At the end of the course there’s a written test and a flight skills assessment. Needless to say we passed all the tests and assessments with flying colours and received permission from the CAA to commercially operate a drone!

We loved the creativity that operating our own drone gave JayJay Media so much that we decided to expand the service into offering just aerial filming and photography rather than a full video production package - and so the HulliCopter was born!

With HulliCopter you get the same great service you’d expect from JayJay Media - but tailored for the drone market. Each flight is thoroughly researched, planned and risk assessed. Permission for take-off is obtained where necessary and we have full insurance in place.

When you fly with JayJay Media’s HulliCopter you can rest assured of great images, obtained safely and lawfully.

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