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Northern Film School

At JayJay Media we receive many applications for work placements, from all stages of eduction. And ever since we first started in 2008, we have always tried to accommodate requests where appropriate. Media, film and TV are gaining ground as subjects in schools and colleges, but there is no substitute for work experience. It is almost always an incredibly formative experience.

In previous years we have been able to offer placements to Year 11 students from local schools, media students from some of the regions colleges, and also university placements.

Currently we have Liam Brookes undertaking a 35 hour work placement with us from the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University. Liam is in his 3rd year and has been specialising in animation. While he is with us he has been working on video animations in a number of different styles, learning how our shared systems and processes work, and generally getting stuck in.

Recently, I was spring cleaning around our corporate social media accounts, and I stumbled across our JayJay LinkedIn page. I have to admit that I had completely forgotten the existence of this page, despite being a regular user of LinkedIn personally.

One of the features on LinkedIn is the ability to add JayJay Media as an employer in your employment history. Having not looked at or updated this information for a long time, I was surprised and delighted to see that this is what many of our former work experience or work placement students have done. Alongside myself and my colleagues names on that list, there were young people who had started their employment history with us, if only for a week (or in some cases a little longer), and they were proud enough to keep us on their CV!

It reminded me that JayJay is bigger than just us, and made me feel incredibly proud to be a small part of all those talented, creative and determined people's employment history.

Good luck, Liam.

Liam Brookes, Northern Film School

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