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5 top tips to create video success for brands

JayJay Media's 5 top tips to create successful video for brands.

1. Grab Attention - use great images to get people’s attention. Great portraiture, slow motion, sunsets, aerial shots, drama, 3D animation - whatever your subject, make it's the best it can be. This is what we do really well. We’re experts and we’ve done this for the best. Epic slo mo for Sky Sports. The ACTUAL tin shots for Ronseal’s ‘does what it says on the tin’ videos. Get us to do your thing for you; it will show.

2. Show don’t tell - got a great new product? Don’t talk about it - let’s see it working! Offer an amazing service? Show how it makes people feel! You don’t need to blow all your marketing budget in one go. Short and simple works too.

3. Be consistent - great brands have more than a logo or colour pallet - they have a tone of voice, they have values. They are recognisable and identifiable across different mediums. Use your brand consistently on everything you do. Don’t change it around every time you do a new project. Keep it consistent. Guess what? We’re good at this bit too and we’ve worked with some household names over the past 10 years: Thompson’s, Ideal Boilers, Ronseal, NHS, Smith & Nephew, Keepmoat, Relate, Ideal Standard . . .

4. Get to the point - if you have something to say, say it first. Got an offer? A deal? An opportunity? Sell it.

5. Do it again. Keep making content, new deals, new stories, make something new, then do it again next week. Why not drop us an email now to start telling your story?

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